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Fast Meetings in Your Browser

OnePgr platform allows you to run your meetings in your browser where you can hold video calls, share your screen, chat live, among other things. In addition, you can move your business forward by making calls from the page, sending text messages, drawing on whiteboard, or sending documents for E-Signatures. All items shared such as documents, live chat messages, bookmarks and meeting recordings live on the page forever.

Video Recording in Browser

Picture is worth a thousand words. How about a video message? Personalized video message to a prospect, Key points in a customer contract, steps to replicate a product defect, or how to get started guide, are some of the reasons you might want to consider using the video messaging feature.

Additional capabilities allow you to personalize the email with an animated image or homepage of your prospect's home page when sending an intro email to your prospects. Unlike Youtube or Video, you are able to see which recipient watched the video and for how long. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly identify which prospects you should contact next, with integrated calling, email, SMS, or meeting scheduler functionality.

Document Repository

One of the most painful time-sinks is time spent looking for documents before the meeting. OnePgr Document repository solves this problem by providing a repository of documents and also allowing documents to be uploaded to the meeting page for easy access. Your customers and peers can not only comment on the documents buy use integrated E-Signature functionality to sign them once your have submitted it for their signature.

Share Collateral & Track Interested Prospects

Track Engagements Levels for every slide in your collateral. Find out which documents are driving prospect engagement.

Plan your Moves with Sticky-Board

Sticky boards help you organize your thoughts in a structured way which is easier to create, present and explain. A great way to communitcate effectively when working with your team.

Feeling Constrained by Tools? Use Mind Maps.

Tony Bruzan is credited with inventing Mind Maps based on inspiration from how Albert Eienstein, Leanardo Da Vinci used techniques like Concept Mapping. Great way to present your ideas in a structured way. Mind maps offer a great way to use hierarchy to capture your ideas and extend them. Great way to collaborate with your team as well.

Bookmarks for Your Projects, Your Teams, & You.

Use Bookmarks to track websites of your interest. You can set up bookmarks and include them in sharable objects such as Meeting Pages or Team Pages. You can keep tabs on your customer website or competitive products. In future, there will be alerts and tracking capabilities provided.


Meeting Page allows you to quickly sketch your ideas to communicate more effectively. While the drawing editor is basic (advanced version is coming), the key here its integration with the platform because it allows you annotate page documents, creating new images and uploading them to the page, and annotating existing images.

Electronic Signatures

OnePgr places tremendous importance on the speed at which your business moves. Electronic Signatures are a big part of how business will be done whether you are selling products, supporting clients, or executing contracts. OnePgr integrates with the #1 solution for E-Signature: Docusign and makes it seamlessly the part of your flow and customer communication.

Live File Transfer

Live File Transfer is designed to share large files. If you are passing along a large video file to your prospect during the meeting or requesting large zip file or core dump file, live file transfer is the answer. It uses peer-to-peer protocol bypassing any servers to transfer the file.

Meeting Recordings

Every meeting can be recorded by simply clicking the Record button in the meeting toolbar. Once complete, the recording is available as a bookmark on the Meeting Page.

Transcription & Conversation Intelligence

At OnePgr, we recognize that conversations you hold everyday not only require flawless execution but also contain insights to power the next steps and contribute to your organization's knowledge pool. Manually reviewing conversations for meetings, phone, email, etc. is a recipe for disaster for businesses striving to attain competitive advantage. OnePgr business applications address this need by providing embedded conversational intelligence across every aspect of your business from customer interactions to employee conversations making it a breeze to not only review these interactions but seamlessly present recommendations and findings to those who need it across the organization when they need it.

Templates - Blueprint for Success

We recognize that every business has different needs and processes. As a result, in addition to the out-of-the-box templates, we allow you to create templates so you can easily create Meeting pages, Email messages, Video Messages, among other items to address your specific needs instead of repeatedly creating content manually. Please send email to to request Meeting Templates enabled for your account.

Humanizing Relationships

OnePgr primary mission is to help you personalize business communication through its video communication and engagement platform. OnePgr Contacts help you quickly communicate with your peers and customers using the interaction type (Video Message, Video Call, Email, Phone, SMS, Document) of your choice. You can import contacts using a CSV files in a specified format or using standard files. OnePgr provides out-of-the-box integration with many contact databases. Please see Import functionality in the Contacts section for further information.

OnePgr is a hub for collaboration where you exchange documents and hold meetings, make phone calls, send videos, among other things. Succeeding in your pursuit of goals requires planning your time, executing actions effectively, and ensuring that you are following through with your daily, weekly, and quarterly goals. OnePgr packs effective reporting framework which allows you to examine your activities to ensure that the time spent by you and your team is in line with the corporate goals. Here, you will find various reporting formats.
Distribution of Activity Types
Timeline View of Activity History
Bar Chart - Activity Types

Phone & SMS

Telephony and texting have been around for a long, long time. While the technology powering these features has changed a little, there has been a dramatic change over time in how we use them. OnePgr provides immersive communication functionality in the context of your business: Accounts, Projects, Tickets, Contacts, etc. You also get the activity history available to you and your team per needs of your business with ability to playback and review the interaction.
Full-featured calling available as part of our solution relieves your other phones of the calling duty.
Integrated Email across all your business interactions.

Note-taking is available when calling contacts.
Meetings are all the rage right now. One-click to invite your contact to a OnePgr Meeting Page.
Why step? Just use integrated SMS to send out the message to your contacts.

Integrated Email & Calendar

Email was invented in 1985 and online calendar was created in 1993. We have come a long way since then. It is easy to dismiss Email and calendaring but they play an pivotal role in our business lives for communication and coordination. One gaping hole in how limiting these tools can be when the information there is to be consumed by your extended team. OnePgr addresses that need by literally team-enabling these tools. For Email, you can easily escalate a message your received into a a shareable page (OnePgr Page), where the entire team can now view the message and act on it.
Email 2

Calendar2 OnePgr supports integration with Google Gsuite and Microsoft Outlook allowing you to import email messages from Gmail/Outlook and respective calendar items as well. Scheduling meeting/event using your calendar after integration will show the event in your original Gsuite/MS Outlook application.

video-meetings content here

Video Calls, Documents, Calls, Chat, Recordings. In One Place.

Meeting pages are designed to simplify your team and customer collaboration when exchanging information or meeting online, allowing you to retain the single context of the conversation to support continuous collaboration.

A meeting page allows you to edit page content (such as meeting agenda, our project outline), upload documents, add bookmarks, etc. At any point you can choose to start the Audio-Video Call with screen sharing and recording capabilities. Many features such as video messages, live file transfer, whiteboard, E-Signatures (Docusign integration), are available as well.

Deliver your Message with Impact.

Success of any project, team, or company to a large part depends on the speed at this the team is developing, refining, and implementing ideas. And most of these ideas, plans, proposals, feedback sessions are a result of collaborative activities taking place over document creation or review.

OnePgr provides functionality ranging from live chat, file exchange, phone calls to meetings, meeting recordings, document-level comments and screen recordings with voice/video annotations. This not only allows the team members to increase the speed at which they are pushing their ideas forward but also allows them to keep a track of all discussions, meeting, and meeting notes. Most importantly, all your information is captured in the original business context and how it is related to its the business information hierarchy. For example, each customer portal is tied to the business contact or account and is presented alongside phone calls, text, shared documents, or upcoming/past meeting recordings. Result: All information is available to the account team and decisions can be made much faster.

Future of Work is here.

The speed at which we communicate with our team members, prospects, customers, and partners to get things done is the only real differentiator. OnePgr helps you cut the communication clutter by allowing communication to take place with the business context.

In addition, organizational work model and practices are changing overnight. Remote work is here to stay. If not already, teams will be soon working around the clock putting new demands on workforce. Both Real-time meetings and working asynchronously with recorded messages will be the norm. In addition to looking for that email messages or document, imagine searching for that meeting recording or video message from the customer. The future of work is here is about to increase the cognitive loads on our collective brains.

Rise Above the Noise

In today's environment, our attention spans are very short. The demand for our attention is unprecedented. The speed at which we communicate with our team members, prospects, customers, and partners to get things done is the only real differentiator. OnePgr helps you cut the communication clutter by allowing communication to take place with the business context.

In this environment, the only way to cut through the noise is to project your authority and authenticity. We help you bring out your expertise by enabling you to capture your message easily in videos and messages, amplify the reach through our sharing capabilities, and track audience engagement every step of the way.

Works with Apps You Use

OnePgr brings native communication and collaboration functionality into your workflow and business processes to eliminate the need to jump from tool-to-tool. As such, OnePgr aggregates information to centralize prospect and rep activity from other apps you are using and pushes it where it is needed. For this, OnePgr has developed native integration with many applications such as:

  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive,
  • Meetings: Zoom (In-Progress)
  • Slack, Microsoft Teams (In-Progress)
  • Ticketing: ZenDesk, ServiceNow,

In addition, OnePgr is available on Zapier allowing you to automate flow of information from thousands of applications such as:

  • GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Task/Project Management such as Asana, Trello, etc.

For a complete list and to see if apps of your interest have integration with Zapier/OnePgr, please click here

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