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OnePgr Lobby for WordPress

OnePgr Lobby for Chat, Audio- & Video-Conferencing, & Screensharing

Drive engagement more effectively with your WordPress site visitors. Offer personalized sales and service information faster to increase customer satisfaction levels. OnePgr Lobby is a cloud-based service that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress instance meaning no need to host it on a server with costly monthly fees. OnePgr Lobby offers the following:

Customer Care Features
  • Live chat widget integrated with Wordpress and offered as a plugin
  • Escalate chat sessions with audio, video, screen-sharing
  • Create leave-behind pages for visitors with documents and videos
  • Show and tell with no-download screen-sharing to demo webpages and desktop apps
  • Text-based communication and PSTN calling available
  • Mobile solutions allows your visitors to start chat from mobile browsers as well
User Forum Features
  • User accounts for every user in your user group
  • Easily set up different groups based on user interest, location, or any other factor
  • Broadcast feature allows you to send mass-emails and text messages to group members
  • Users can record and upload videos or screen recordings
  • Text-based communication and PSTN calling available
  • Mobile solutions provided for iOS and Android devices

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