Webinars & Virtual Events

Virtual Events are a great way to help increase your reach, drive awareness, and generate leads. One glaring obstacle in using virtual events to drive business has been its somewhat questionable ROI.

Using virtual events as a lead generation channel is not cheap. Planning the event, content & messaging, speaker time and fees, list costs, promotion costs, among other things can require a substantial budget.

Despite its high cost, the ROI from virtual events has been questionable because the solutions on the market have not been able to provide effective ways to track the investment and measure the impact of these events on your business.

OnePgr Webinar takes a very different approach. Our webinar solutions provide a closed-loop set up which helps you plan and create event, drive event registration and promotion, assess progress at every step of the way, in addition to delivering the best, highly personalized attendee experience on the market.

Drive Awareness using Email & SMS Campaigns

OnePgr Email Marketing allows you to run campaigns using contact lists allowing you to drop messages via Email or SMS (Voicemail drops are planned for future) which can also include Video and Documents. Each drop can be reviewed for recipient engagement including Email Opens, Clicks.

With increased scrutiny and concerns over privacy issues, many key players such as Apple are taking steps to make email open tracking meaningless, which has been a key proxy for prospect engagement for many years. We, on the other hand, are an advocate of real engagement such as time spent watching your videos or documents, which is offered as part of our email marketing solution.

In addition, the sender can generate immediate engagement through the integrated Chatbox that is presented to the prospect as they are viewing your video/document.

Achieve Instant Response w/ Website Chatbot

OnePgr Chatbot allows you to offer a instant, highly personalized live chat experience to your customers. It supports your organization’s need to deliver fast and efficient response to your prospects using livechat, audio, SMS, video conferencing and screen sharing in one single solution.

Inbound requests can be routed to different channels based on skill-groups, time-based, or geography-based queues. Each interaction can be synced with your organization's support automation solution such as Salesforce.com, Zendesk, Wordpress, and Magento.

Content Library for Videos and Documents

Today, we live in an era where prospects are researching their areas of interest long before they are contacted by solution providers. In addition, given the short attention span when prospects are opening your email, we believe sharing visual, relevant content can prove very effective.

OnePgr Content Library allows users to upload corporate content such as videos, whitepapers, presentations and invite their sales team to view the content and share it with their prospects. First benefit of this approach is that it gives the reps the control they need when sending content to the prospect without disrupting their prospect conversation. Second, the content owner as well as the sender are able to see the engagement metrics for the content such as: Number of times the content was shared, engagement rate by recipient with time spent watching the video/document.

In a nutshell, Content Library allows the marketing department to know which assets are performing well and which are not so you can change the promotion targets or try out different content types.

Track Engagements Levels for every slide in your collateral. Find out which documents are driving prospect engagement.

High-Powered Automated Email Sequencer

OnePgr prospecting tools allow your sales team to use leading-edge technology to drive lead generation. Once you have identified a market opportunity for your product and created a list of contacts, OnePgr Automation Sequences can help you create multiple sequences and initiate campaigns to generate prospect interest.

These campaigns can be set up using simple text-based email messages to contacts lists with high performing items such as videos (pre-recorded or personalized greetings), documents (a whitepaper or a deck), a voice message, or a dedicated OnePgr prospect portal. Any of the channels including email, SMS, or voice, can be utilized to deliver the campaign messages.


After creating a list of Accounts/Contacts to call and doing the necessary research, the rep must focus on getting the following done:

  • >   Have a conversations to uncover pain points and validate the need
  • >   Take good notes during the call
  • >   Document the Call disposition
  • >   Take the next step such as send meeting link or relevant collateral.
  • >   Record everything in the CRM solution

OnePgr Auto-Dialer helps your sales team make calls at scale by feeding a list to the dialer and then the system automatically calls the contacts one after the other. The rep can choose to enter notes and select disposition and go on to the next contact. Call notes, call duration, call recording URL, and disposition information are synced with your CRM.

Mixed Channel Automation

While Email sequencing solutions can be effective, we believe that using a hybrid approach instead of a singular channel (voice or email) can significantly improve your campaign outcomes.

To help you seamlessly manage variability in channel preference across different campaigns and prospects, OnePgr has created a first of its kind unified task automation application that assists your SDR or AE to run multi-channel outreach campaigns for a given set of contacts.

This functionality allows the campaign owner (marketing team or user himself/herself) to create a list of tasks (email, LinkedIn requests, SMS, calls, account research, etc.) and specify contact lists for execution by the SDR.

Eliminate Back & Forth using Calendar & Integrated Meeting Creator

As if getting a meeting with prospects wasn’t tricky enough, the following steps add significant load to our day-to-day activities:

  • >   Presenting meeting slots to your prospects from your calendar
  • >   Getting them to accept a meeting day/time
  • >   Automatically sending a meeting URL and related reminders
  • >   Looping in additional members of your own team
  • OnePgr eliminates this back and forth with its unified meeting workflow solution and natively interoperates with your systems of record such as CRM solution.

Pre-Meeting => In-Meeting => Post Meeting


Once your prospect accepts the meeting request, you can set up a meeting using OnePgr Meeting Page. A meeting page can really also serve up as a lightweight prospect portal, where you can present the following to your prospect:
  • Meeting agenda
  • Corporate videos
  • Documents (PDF, PPT, DOC, & XLS)
  • Introduction videos
  • Personalized live chat widget


In addition to the pre-meeting planning, on the day and time of the meeting, your team can meet with the prospect team on the OnePgr Meeting Page in a fast, browser-based environment requiring no downloads or any special software. OnePgr Video Meetings allow you to:
  • Video call
  • Screen-sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • Whiteboard
  • Live file transfer to transfer large files
  • E-Signature (DocuSign)
  • Calendar integration
  • Document library to send out marketing collateral, etc.
  • Sticky board and Mind-maps
  • Subject Matter Expert Locator
In addition to these tools, our platform is purpose-built to help you personalize your prospects’ experience and use attention indicator tool to help gauge the audience's attention in-meeting.

Since Meeting Page is connected to your customer accounts (from CRM) and other systems such as Zendesk, Slack, the data can flow freely in either direction. For example, you can see the latest updates from a CRM account during your video call and update the opportunity’s close date or deal size when holding the meeting with your prospects.

Post Meeting

As the meeting comes to an end, you can share case studies and other collateral with your prospects as you wrap up the meeting. After the meeting you can continue to use the meeting page as a secure, prospect portal for extended collaboration, live-chat or video messaging to exchange messages.

A key capability afforded by OnePgr after the meeting is ability to generate recording instantaneously. These recordings give you key insights about how the meeting went and what you can do to improve it. More information is available in the next section.

Prospect Insights & Activity Intelligence

Sales team using OnePgr for prospecting is guaranteed to gain key insights into their own historical behavior for each account and each contact and engagement level of the target account/prospect. With OnePgr for Sales, they can drive conversations forward with confidence using:

  • Real-time status for Contacts and Accounts
  • See Contact engagement from Email, Video Messaging, and Document campaigns
  • Embedded communication to make take the next action from Activity Reports
  • Share, engage, & get feedback from account team members in context
  • Hold Video Meetings that are optimized for customer engagement
  • Review Meeting Recordings with transcription & sentiment analysis & improve their performance

Integrated sentiments and keywords categorization of meeting conversations Review meeting recordings with prospect sentiments, key phrases, topics

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