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  • Human Verified Contacts
  • Highly personalized Sequences powered by ChatGPT Learn More

  • Unified platform with best-in-the-market Email Sequencer, Parallel Dialer, LinkedIn Oureach
  • Guaranteed best Inbox deliverability, Above average call connect rates
  • Built-in hacks like Email-Open-to-Call, Email-Open-to-LinkedIn
  • Closed-loop reporting

Outbound Sales can be tricky to get right.

  • Are you tired of using anywhere from 4 to 7 different sales tools to run your sales motion?
  • Are integrations slowing you down because their key features are missing or they are simply not reliable?
  • These sales solutions are here to stay because they amplify the rep's productivity through automation. But each of these tools was created to focus on a single channel and silo’ed workflow.
  • Are brittle workflows, data integration issues, and slow ramp-up times holding back your sales team.
  • Is the ROI from your tech stack investments questionable?

All Tools in One Place

OnePgr is designed to help sales teams execute smooth sales motion flawlessly including top- and middle-of-the-funnel use cases and workflows. OnePgr brings together the most advanced concepts of video conferencing, video messaging, document sharing, telephony, texting, live chat, and recording analytics together to help customer facing teams drive prospect and customer interactions.

How does it compare to
competitor products?

Objective Key Steps Existing Tools
Outbound Emails Email Automation
SMS Automation
Send Documents w/ Tracking
Send Videos w/ Tracking
Seq2Seq Transfer
Manual Step Support
Task Dashboard
Personalized messages to Contact lists
Open Tracking, Reporting, Follow-up
Send Video Messages & Documents
View Replies & Send Responses
Email validation for uploaded Contact lists
Multi-domain and Email account support
Sequence-to-Sequence transfer from/to calling sessions
Automation-assisted task execution support
Outbound Calls Auto Dialer
Parallel Dialer
Call Scripting
Manual Step Support
Seq2Seq Transfer
Sequential Dialing to Contact lists
Parallel Dialing to Contact lists
Personalized Call scripts using Contact attributes
Custom Disposition Fields, Note-taking, Send Email/SMS during calls
Sequence-to-Sequence tansfer from/to Email/SMS campaigns
Automation-assisted task execution support
Meeting Lifecycle Calendar link
Account/Prospect Page
Video Conferencing
Recording & Analytics
Meeting Notes & Summary
Standalone Video Conferencing, Calendar links, Meeting Analytics
Unified Meeting Page
In-Meeting prompts for sales meetings such as intro, discovery calls
Meeting maps to tag key meeting moments
Meeting transcription, summarization, and key action items
Dedicated Meeting Pages for CRM Contact, Account & Opportunity
Prospect Portal with engagement metrics
Inbound Lead Gen Sales Lobby
Website Chatbot w/ Video
Session Report
Account/Prospect Page
Landing Pages
Standalone Website Chat, Video Calling, Contact Center
Unified Video Chat using Queue mgmt
Escalation from Chat to Video calling, phone calls, screensharing
Meeting transcription, summarization, and key action items
Dedicated Meeting Pages for each visitor
Session Reports

Launching Soon

M3TA Room - Will transform how you work with your customers and team in remote setting.

Sales Lobby - One URL to help build your brand in remote first world.