For school teachers, motivating their students, keeping them engaged, and delivering lessons without interruption is always a challenge. OnePgr’s E-Learning suite offers a modern, distance-learning platform where a teacher can use novel ways to organize information to set up course material, hold classes using video-conferencing, share handouts and session recordings, and share video messages. As an effective way to augment in-person classroom experience, OnePgr offers a personalized and persistent workspace which brings together voice, video, online meetings and document services where teachers and students can meet seamlessly to foster learning without interruption.

Community Solutions

Are you in looking to set up a highly interactive forum for a small group or community and you like to manage conversational topics, allow users to share documents and seamlessly conduct meetings from different locations without any kind of restriction, stress or complex technology? OnePgr Community functionality is the perfect solution for you. You no longer have to worry about doing all that work, you can easily pass information around to any member of the community-based on permission. You can easily save files on our cloud and share them easily as well. OnePgr has all you could ever need to ensure that the community is running fine under your mentorship.

Lead Routing & Assignment for Salesforce

Businesses today are recognizing that they must serve their customers at the speed they demand on a channel they pick. OnePgr allows you to create compelling experience for prospects and visitors so they can interact with your organization in any channel of their choice without slowing them down. OnePgr has worked with leading Financial Services and Retail companies to streamline their customer and supplier journeys.