Business Professionals like Architects, Tax/Accounting Professionals, Real Estate Agents etc need to collaborate and communicate with their clients and associates on a daily basis. Using OnePgr, Business Professionals can collaborate (doc sharing, IM, Social Posts) & communicate (audio/video conference) in real-time with clients allowing them to provide feedback on the work-in progress. With mobile access, OnePgr becomes a great tool for both professionals/clients who are on the go as information can be shared and accessed instantly from anywhere. Possibilities are many – discover how OnePgr can benefit your business.
OnePgr can become an invaluable tool for business collaboration across all functions of your organization. Engineering can use it for release planning and coordination. Marketing team can store and share business & marketing plans. Customer Support team can leverage OnePgr’s communication features for troubleshooting customer issues. Sales team can get cranking on customer RFQs. HR can create portal for information sharing between HR and employees. There are several possibilities – discover how OnePgr can benefit your enterprise.
OnePgr can be used to track and manage your daily tasks. To accomplish some of your tasks, they need to be coordinated with your group of friends and peers in a timely manner. OnePgr provides you a convenient way to track your tasks and share it with your group so that everyone in the group can collaborate and communicate – thus bringing your tasks to fruition both effectively and efficiently. Onepgr users are tracking their daily tasks right from planning trips, to house-hunting, to planning events for their family and neighbors. Possibilities are many -- discover how OnePgr can benefit you..
OnePgr can be set-up as an excellent collaboration tool between teachers and students. Teachers can share lecture slides in OnePgr and students can instantly view and discuss with the teacher (or among themselves) using IM, social posts or even audio/video conferencing. Similarly, students can create individual OnePgrs for their team projects and collaborate. For communities, OnePgr can be set-up to broadcast information via email or SMS allowing members of your community to instantly react to changing situations. There are several possibilities – Discover how OnePgr can benefit your school/community.

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