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Time is Money. Save Both.

Clientele: Integrated Communication Console.

Calling on your Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Leads, & Opportunities from Desktop Client/Web App/Mobile app is just a click away.
  • Phone, Texting, Email
  • Note Taking & Tasks
  • Document Sharing & Library (With tracking metrics)
  • Slide-Sharing and Screen-Sharing
  • Audio- and Video-Conferencing
  • Custom landing page that routes leads to Salesforce CRM with SMS notifications using Mobile Lobby
With real-time syncing, you always see the latest Salesforce information and having to log activity to CRM is a thing of the past.

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Email a Customized Deck or Present Live

Share Deck, Gauge Interest, Connect.

Select presentations or whitepapers from marketing collateral library or create your own. Visitor metrics will help uncover the key areas of concerns and/or interest. Deliver your presentation live with singular focus on your message. Meeting attendees do not need to download any plugin or software to watch your screen. Add in audio (dial-in telephone line or VoIP), Video, Live Chat, as needed. And share a leave-behind for your prospects.

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Leverage the Experts. Grow Deal Size.

Sell with your Team.

Get done with that RFP response with your team in real-time. Or, ask them to upload the responses when they can get to it. Invite SE's live into the meeting to share their screen or help you from their mobile even when they are on the road. Share pipeline status with your boss with a single click and hold 1:1 chat.

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Support your Sales Process.

In-sync with CRM

View all information and take actions using OnePgr Prospect List and Account Plan. Call, Email, Document Sharing, and Screen-Sharing all from one central place with automated entry into CRM for accurate reporting. Sort Opportunities by Size or Close Date. Stay on top of the accounts that might be getting ready to churn.

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Analytics & Reporting.

Track. Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Sales rep productivity and collaboration with the team is one thing but real-time analytics help everyone in the organization to be on the same page and do what is right for the company. No more guess work. Using our robust reporting framework we can aggregate information from any SaaS or On-premise system and generate purpose-built reports to support your business goals.

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