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Bring along your CRM Contacts. No Phone required.

Point-and-Click Calls

Anyone who sells knows that deals don’t happen automatically. It takes numerous phone calls, emails, and meetings to uncover prospect’s needs and objections, win prospect’s confidence, position your product ahead of the competition before you can close the sale. Recognizing that phone calls are an integral part of this presentation and sales process, integrated calling with Clientele offers:
  • One-click phone calls to your CRM Contacts
  • Create tasks and add notes
  • Optional call recording & transcription
  • Speaker sentiment and analytics
  • Enhance call analytics using IBM Watson to help improve your sales process

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Present Online. With No-Download Screen Sharing.

Friction-Free Sales Presentation

Let us face it, a picture is worth a thousand words. And, if you are selling SaaS software, or making any type of consultative sale, there is no better way than to walk the prospect through a visual presentation or show a live demo. Clientele removes typical issues associated with hosting an online meeting, such as meeting client download or other meeting join issues, by providing a no-download meeting join method for the attendees. As a result, your attendees can join by simply posting the meeting join URL into their browser. Every time!

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Personalize your Sales Process.

Video Sales Calls

The use of video conferencing for sales meetings is in its early days. Video Sales Calls may not be seen as an effective way to hold sales calls by everyone yet but the benefits are widely accepted. Having a face-to-face meeting with your prospects can help you build that personal connection with them and more effectively read their body language leading to sensing any objection with your offer and preemptively address it. Built to support the sales interactions, Clientele supports flexible handling of the video camera on both sides allowing a user to join with or without their video camera. Integration with high quality audio and video devices from leading conferencing devices vendors allows you to use wireless headsets and high resolution desktop video cameras.

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Keep your focus. Outsource the bookkeeping.


Clientele Recorder allows you to record any conversation -- all you have to do is flip the switch. Despite its ease-of-use, the feature offers compelling functionality to help improve your sales process. Conversations are recorded and stored in the cloud with playback links and transcription available within a few minutes. Sales professionals can use the Recorder feature to record their meetings with a prospect, so they can review meeting transcription and add notes later. Sales Managers can review the meeting recordings to help coach and mentor their reps by providing feedback and highlighting best-practices.

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Analytics & Reporting.

Track. Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Sales rep productivity and collaboration with the team is one thing but real-time analytics help everyone in the organization to be on the same page and do what is right for the company. No more guess work. Using our robust reporting framework we can aggregate information from any SaaS or On-premise system and generate purpose-built reports to support your business goals.

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