OnePgr Client Central

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Foster stronger ties with Customers. Without calling on IT.

Media-Rich Customer Forums.

Turn your Website-based Client Central into a hub where you control its content and audience experience.
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers (PDF, Powerpoint etc.)
  • Images
  • HTML Pages
You can structure the pages by visitor interest, product offerings, target geographies -- really anything you desire.

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Stay top of mind with Live Townhall

Live Audio- and Video-Broadcasting.

Hold live events to deliver message to you existing customers or prospects. Strengthen the bond with your clientele by sharing information in a private forum. Use integrated Screen Sharing to present slides or share desktop with audio- or video-broadcast. Only substance without noise.

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Gauge Interest with Document Library and Company Pages

Post Collateral, FAQs, & User Guides without IT help.

No need to fumble with finding a hosting server and running forum software. No more spending time trying to figure out how to set up groups or add users by skimming through the admin guide. OnePgr Client Central is point and click Forum application that offers integrated email, texting, document-sharing, and conferencing.

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Manage inbound & Outbound customer communication with Client Central

One Stop Communication Center

Client Central can help you set up sub-segments of your customers and prospects alike. For outbound communication all you have to do is add a new Page with prepared content. Integrates with Pardot, Marketo, and MailChimp. For inbound content, OnePgr lets you set up email aliases such as,, and email is processed and sent to the relevant team-members using OnePgr Collaboration workflow.

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Analytics & Reporting.

Present. Track. Analyze. Improve.

Your Website should and will play an increasingly important role in customer acquisition process. Presenting your message to the right audience, tracking which prospect is interested, and then passing it to the self-service channel or appropriate rep will be key to an effective web presence. We aggregate the click through stream within your Community pages with rest of the processes set up in your organization and deliver comprehensive reports.