Sales Prospecting

OnePgr helps remove friction from your sales interactions with tools such as: No-Download Desktop Sharing, Unlimited Audio Calls with recording and transcription, Video Calling, Sales Lobby, Document Library, & Prospect Portals.

Clientele Desktop Presentation

Get started with Desktop Sharing and integrated phone calls with recording & transcription. Includes Video Calling, Call Recorder, & Salesforce CRM Integration. Includes 500 Minutes of Audio Calls per month.

Presentations on the GO

OnePgr MEET brings together documents, messages, video calls, and screen sharing so you can make your point in a few minutes even when you are on the go.


Clientele Outreach Mobile App

Clientele Mobile app allows you to make phone calls, send email and SMS messages, and take notes from anywhere and automatically pushes your activity data back into the CRM. Options include international calling, call recording and transcription.

Conference calls on the GO

ConCall is the simplest way to hold Conference Calls with your Customers, Partners, Colleagues. Easy UI allows you to use VoIP to save on telephony related charges especially for international calls but offers the option to dial into a US conference bridge. Allows call participants to chat as well.