OnePgr for Customer Care

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Times have changed. Your customers want to pick the channel.

Your Lobby. Setup with a few clicks.

Your Enterprise apps are your business but your customers want service on channel of their choice.
  • Millennials prefer Chat and SMS
  • Some customers want voice to move things quickly
  • One-call close will mostly happen with screen-sharing/live-demo
  • Video-Conferencing can help build the right rapport
  • Conversational Bots can augment customer service.

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Monitor requests all along. Supports Team Viewing.

Route Interactions to the Right Person.

With strong understanding of the support workflow, OnePgr team has devised an extremely simple way to set up your customer-facing service flows. Requests are routed into queues and request assignment can be done using one of the many work distribution methods such as most-idle, round-robin, etc. Requests can also be assigned based on visitor's geographical location, product interest, or agent skill-set.

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Integrated support across Channels & Tools such as: CRM, Live Chat, etc.

Unified View of each Customer

We help track the inbound request within your organization and make sure all the appropriate systems stay synced together.

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Analytics & Reporting

Serve. Track. Analyze. Improve.

OnePgr provides tools to ask key questions, get answers, and develop insights into your business. Out-of-the-box reporting can be extended to include custom data sources and address specific needs of your business.