Desktop Sharing Join is as simple as posting URL

Desktop Sharing. With Integrated Phone Calls

Let us face it whether you are relying on your own outreach efforts or marketing team’s inbound lead flow, you still have to make phone calls and do your “show-and-tell.” OnePgr Clientele is designed for that exact function allowing you to:
  • Make phone calls to any landline or mobile number. Recording and high-quality transcription allow you to have a transcript of each call that you can forward to your team for follow-up.
  • Start sharing screen providing a join URL over email/IM/SMS. And, yes, given our secret sauce, the attendee needs to simply click the join URL without having to download anything. Works on any browser. You will love it when you see that your meeting attendees can view your content even on their mobile device.

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Sales Lobby for Personalized Service

Your Own Landing Page

You know how to work those prospecting emails and phone calls. But having your personal landing page up will keep the ball rolling even when you are not around. Here, your prospects and customers can:
  • Send you a text message or call you even without knowing your phone number.
  • Send an appointment request. When you accept the appointment time, a message is sent out to the requesting party with meeting page and calendar item on the page, which they can add to their calendar.
  • Review product information or collateral on your landing page.

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Share Collateral & Track Interested Prospects

Stop Flying Blind. Use Document Library

Sending product collateral and other complex information over email is the norm today. But you gotta admit that we often wonder, if our prospect ever saw any of the content that was sent. OnePgr Document Library was designed to find out if they saw your content:
  • Share documents from Marketing, Pricing, Legal teams, or your own folder. Easy organization eliminates confusion and cuts error rate.
  • Prospect receives high-quality images instead of having to download large attachments.
  • Reporting shows you activity level (time spent in seconds) for all recipients as well as most active users, most viewed documents/slides so you know who to call next.

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Personalize the Conversation

Prospect Portals

For complex technology sales, email exchanges can be a nightmare. Save your prospects and yourself some grief. With Prospect Portal, you can share product collateral, RFP response document, and architecture diagram in one place. They can leave you messages, call, or chat with you at their leisure.

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Track Prospect’s Interest in your Offer

Think You're Chasing a Dud? We can tell.

Users of Gmail rejoice! We provide a chrome extension that sits within your Gmail application and generates data to help you understand if your email recipient has an interest in your message. Your time is valuable and this tool helps you to weed out prospects who may never buy from you. As a result, you can choose to spend more time and energy on the ones who might.